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Cash game and tournament poker are 2 different games. It is easier for a great cash player to make the transition to a tournament player; however, it is more difficult to make a successful tournament player into a profitable cash player. Tournaments have time constraints and the blinds continue to increase, therefore, you often have to gamble and put your chips in at unfavorable hands that you would never play in a ring game. To win a big tournament you have to have a great deal of coin flips. Skill can only get you so far. Look up and see how many big tournament winners were amateurs that were playing against a big field of professionals and how many so-called, “tournament pros” go broke. Often they blame it on their gambling or spending habits, but money management is all about being a pro poker player. Consider this: how about the fact that they weren’t a pro in regard to skill and simply luck and endorsements crowned them the pro title. Players will say, “Well if you win big tournament money, you are considered a pro.” So basically that’s the equivalent of a person winning the mega lottery, and then instantly being considered a professional lottery player! Luck is a bigger part of tournament play. Sure you will have your Phil Hellmuth’s, but how about all the great Phil Hellmuths that have their share of bad luck and never win the big cash title? . Yes, Phil Hellmuth is an amazing player! The pros can make all the skillful moves, play the correct way, and gamble at the right time in tournaments, but luck is essential in winning a big tournament. It is so difficult to win at cash games using skill, probability, and experiences, meanwhile trying to do that playing against time and increasing blinds, turns tournaments into major gambles. When your playing with big stacks and big blinds and need to win many coin flips, luck is the huge factor.  There is skill in poker and you can put yourself in the most probable position in tournaments, but without luck, you are not winning the big ticket.


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