Welcome to Poker Face It where you will come to realize all the real truths about your poker skills that other people don’t tell you. Every poker player experiences quick wins and instant gratification, and thinks that either he or she is running toward an exciting, promising future. Then reality kicks in and they finally realize that things are not what they expected. The entirety of all that poker propaganda—“how to win at poker,” “become a poker pro,” “the winning ways at poker,”— suddenly becomes an illusion. Here at pokerfaceit, you will be forced to face it; You’re Just Not Quite Good Enough. At Poker Face It, we will help point out the weak holes in your game, help minimize your poker losses, offer rakeback deals that will put extra cash in each session and offer some very meaningful tips. We will share valued advice to help achieve your poker aspirations.
Many poker players experience a rush of great days, weeks, months and very few select ones, years. But for most, it all comes crashing down. Were you not good enough? Were you not smart enough? Did you lack the discipline that it takes to be successful? Has the online game become too sophisticated wherein players have advanced their game with better software analysis, note taking methods, table selection, etc.? Have you just become over-matched or have the small percent of colluding, software cheaters, and the rake finally caught up? These are all questions one poses to them self. Here at Poker Face It we help players identify their faulty ways, but it will be up to you to conquer and correct your ways.


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