Playing smart poker and managing your bankroll is the only way you will have a chance at some success.  If 10% of the game is making the money, then you will have to be almost flawless to reach that goal. Players are going to win and lose their share of hands but it is up to the player to keep the losses at a minimum and to make sure the profits outweigh the losses. Playing smart poker means you have to protect your money and always make the best decision for the long term of your bankroll. Too many people find themselves involved in a pot with mediocre hands.  They find themselves invested too far and they want to take a stab at the pot. In this situation if you have doubts that you can win, then the smart play would be to fold and wait to put your money in the pot when your confidence is a lot higher. Playing smart will come with gaining intuition and learning experience which will aid you in becoming a smarter player. It is up to you to control the pot. When you have a monster hand is when you want to make the pot large. Players will try to force you off hands with re-raising on a bluff, straight draw or flush draw, or when they just think they have the better hands. This is where poker experience will come into play.

You will have to master controlling the pot, keep the pot small when it is desired, check calling down to the river when needed, make a bet that shows strength and out-bet any draw, or simply fold and wait for a better opportunity to come. To win at poker, you are going to be folding the best hand quite a few times. Players are going to force you in spots where the risk is not worth the reward. Recognizing and learning how to minimize these situations will be beneficial to the bankroll. Staying focused and limiting your mistakes will also help to minimize your losses. Playing smart poker means you can’t be: surfing the net, watching television, misclicking the check, raise or fold buttons and all the while be successful. This is a very complex game to make money, and it cannot be done without complete concentration and focus. To cut your losses, you must evaluate and analyze your play. Look over your starting hands, see if you played too many hands and stop and think; maybe you didn’t make the proper odds call. Also look over your opponents’ hands to see where your mistakes were. When things aren’t going your way, you are better off to take a break.

Going on tilt or forcing plays that aren’t there will force you to have bigger losses. If you have the attitude that you have to get the losses back, then you will not be a winning player. Great players are aware that you are going to have losing days, but they learn how to play smart and minimize the amount of these kinds of day.


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