Many people ask themselves why they lose at poker. Everyone is searching for the winning solution.  There are all sorts of reasons why some people lose in poker, but the main reasons are your opponents are simply better than or at least equally as good as you. And then there is the rake.If you sit 7 to 8 above average poker grinder players and 2 pros at the same table and deal them millions of hands, eventually they will all be negative because of the rake (for all you Statisticians, seems similar to the Law of Large Numbers, doesn’t it?).  You have your strong players—pros and the above average grinders, your average players, and the you have your weak players—bad players and awful players.  The only way not to lose  at poker and overcome the rake is to play against weaker competition.  Everyone learns the game eventually and then thinks they are the best; too much hubris becomes the Achilles’ heel.

Players often go on winning streaks by being lucky or at the time they were playing against weaker players. As time goes on, these same players begin to find it difficult to win.  Often times, you see these wise guys players, walking around like they are untouchable.  Maybe they won a small tournament or they are just on a good winning streak. These types of players are good at reading others and are familiar with some basic math.  They are the type of player that will call you with J3 suited and crack you or bluff you out and show. These individuals, never truly understand the math, nor do they realize that it is a matter of time before they are broke and reality kicks in.  At times, using your intuition and calling with any hand when you are able to put someone on a certain hand is called for in poker, though very seldom.

You see these types of players perform this scenario out of positions, way too early in position, and way too often.  They damage their poker image and also get way too involved with mediocre hands. They eventually start to think that they have the worse luck in the world, but they never tried to pick up a book, take written/mental notes, or just really try to understand probability and odds.  All these players simply want to do is play.  Juicy Stakes Poker Like anything in life, if you want to be the best you have to work hard in your niche.  Just like any famous sports figure, to get to the top they had to work hard on their own.  Most of these players are lazy and that is why they are consequently living this lifestyle.

To be great, you have to work hard.  Sure, there are people who can easily read others well or who are excellent in math, but for the most part with hard work and determination anyone can achieve success at a certain plateau of greatness.  It is so trite and cliché to say it, but truthfully everyone has different talents and excels at certain things. To stop losing at poker, you have to be that much better than your opponent. The best way to increase your chances is by investing your time in the game. The online poker game has evolved.  The increasing skill level is continuing to improve; if you stop studying now then you will lose at poker. Great players dedicate the time to evaluate their game and are always looking to learn new strategies.


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