Poker bots are computer programs programmed to play poker against humans. Bots unlike humans can play for a very long time without getting tired or fatigued. Whether or not a bot is considered cheating depends on the poker room. Bots are programmed to beat the rake in addition to beating the opponent.  The disadvantage of bots is that it is very difficult for them to read a bluff and or to adjust their play accordingly to their opponents like humans can do. As poker bots improve, many pokers sites are forbidding them, finding ways to filter them out. Great poker players will beat the bot, but as technology improves, the bots will become more dangerous. Bots know all the odds and calculate everything they are programmed to do and always make the best decision. Bots play tight and aggressive and they don’t respond to player chats. If you suspect a bot is playing, the best thing to do is to report your suspicion to the poker site and play at a different table.


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