Poker discipline is very crucial to be more successful at poker. If you have a bad beat or you are card dead all night, it is important to keep your composure and continue to stay to your systems. Poker discpline involes making big and difficult decisions.  Your are  going to be required to lay down big hands and have the poker discipline to avoid tilting.  Going on tilt or trying to force a hand will only hurt you in the long run, especially if you are multi-tabling. On days when nothing is going your way, it is better to go down in stakes and fewer tables to gain your composure and to make sure you are still playing solid poker.  Many people start losing and decide they have had too many bad beats so they move up in stakes thinking they need to get those losses back and that their luck is going to change. Often those people take on big losses that are simply way too hard to overcome. Unlucky and losing days are going to occur very often, but it is up to you to minimize those losses. Keeping your poker discipline is the only way to do so in the long-term scheme of things.



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