Poker collusion is 2 or more players acting secretly with a common strategy.  Online poker collusion can be individuals sharing their whole cards, cooperatively and strategically re-raising, then 3 betting to trap their opponents and staying out of hands when they know their pal has hit a big hand. You tend to see more limit poker collusion where 2 or more people trap you in when they know their cards and the board favors a high probability of one of them winning the hand.  Poker rooms pay close attention to people who continually play with certain players and they also closely monitor these individuals’ play.   Anytime there is money involved people will find and scheme ways to make money.  This could be difficult to detect, especially multi-tabling, but you need keep this in mind and use your intuition to pay attention to signals.  If you suspect foul play, then you should leave the table and report any suspicions play.










Winning Texas Holdem For Dummies!

Gives you a step-by-step formula for winning at all your poker games. And believe me, this poker book is different than any Poker books you’ve seen.

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• You will discover some sneaky strategies to intimidate other players and force them to fold cards.


Phil Gordon is a professional poker player, commentator and author.




In Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book, Gordon, a world-class player and teacher, shares his strategies, tips, and expertise on NL Texas Holdem. In his blue book he gives more lessons and hand analysis and shows you how to apply his theories. These books are highly recommended for every player looking to make a profit and raise his game to the next level.



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