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What is better live or online? As far as poker, live and online ways of winning can be different, but it is so much more appealing to play online. Since math is a major part of winning, the more hands you play obviously the more money you can win. A good online player can manage at least 6 tables short/full tables seeing 360-600 hands hr. 50 hrs a week is 24,000 hands and 52 weeks by that is 1,248,000 a yr. while live players see 30 h/hr. 50 hrs a week is 1500 hands a week and 52 weeks is 78,000 hands a year. Online player’s see 16 times or more hands than live players.

At this rate, 3 full time online years is a life time of hands for live players. The only advantages one can see is that live players are able to have a psychological edge as far as reading people and their opponents’ tells. Also, they can recognize colluding easier and don’t have to worry about some kind of software seeing their hole cards. Online advantages completely outweigh live poker advantages. The psychological aspects are eliminated. Online players don’t have to worry about offering tells while being starred down or talked to. They don’t have to feel that intimidation and nervousness smothering them. Majority of the people who consider themselves live poker pros and claim to be great at reading cards and bets are actually subpar and mediocre players compared to that of an online pro player. Online players have such a huge advantage of seeing possibly 16 times or more a hand hour. Seeing many more cards and many more bets increases your intuition toward what people have when they make bets from all positions, therefore enabling you to have a greater idea of what the opponent is holding. You learn to recognize betting patterns and position bets a lot easier than live players do. You are also able to search out the tables you want to play, find certain types of players you like to play against, and always have the ability to change tables at any point. Adversely, live players most of the time, must play in the available game and hope it doesn’t get broken up. Also, during the days, live poker players find many basic poker rocks at the tables so there chance for profit isn’t that great. Meanwhile online players can find these players at anytime all over the world. At anytime during the day, someone from another country may have just came home, all liquored-up and ready to fork over some cash. Another advantage of online is the rake tends to be a little less than casinos, especially at the lower rates. The casinos have a lot more overhead, pit bosses, dealers, tables, cards, space, etc, while online poker rooms have very little overhead. Additionally, you don’t have to tip the dealers and the dealers don’t make any mistakes. Live poker is such a grind for money that you can make easier working 9 to 5. It is also very boring, and you don’t have to worry about taking food off the table against a player you befriended. It is not even a close comparison. Play from the comfort from your home and play with all the advantages.


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