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Lucky vs Unlucky

All poker players experience lucky and unlucky breaks. Most people that are losing players complain that they are just too unlucky. It is their faulted perception and/or pride that create ….

Live vs Online

What is better live or online? As far as poker, live and online ways of winning can be different, but it is so much more appealing to play online. Since ….

Poker Tournaments

Cash game and tournament poker are 2 different games. It is easier for a great cash player to make the transition to a tournament player; however, it is more difficult ….

Poker Image

Poker image is very important and can be absolutely signature in the matter of your success. Loose and tight images have their pros and cons. A loose image of your ….

Poker Advice

If you faced up to point-blank reality, escaped your tunnel vision and finally realized that your poker game has not been up to today‚Äôs professional standards, than we have done ….

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